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Serving Good Meals.

We serve only the best here at Sinangag Station

Bangus Bravo is

Bone less not less bone.

We serve only the best here at Sinangag Station

Sinangag Tapa

Paborito Noon at Ngayon .

We serve only the best here at Sinangag Station

Sinangag Station

"We are not just silog" .

We serve only the best here at Sinangag Station

Angelina Gortayo

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Nice restaurant, typical Filipino affordable food. Clean place.

Emerald Yam

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I like the food,,its good spcly. sotanghon ..yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy!!!!!!!!!!

Jovir Amatong

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Looking for the classic tapsilog meals done right and fast for your hungry stomach?... Sinangag Station is the place to go!

Jannah Corrine

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i like the food. its good. and nice place. 😊😊👍

Johny Boy Bajo

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Babalikbalikan nyo.. all time favourite...sinangag combo meals and small plates...

Ramram Pedroza

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A real taste of filipino food. The best talaga ang Sinangag Station. Very affordable, clean, fast and very welcoming and friendly crew. The best ang Bangus and Sisig talaga!!!!

Paul Villamor

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yummy foods and good service

Estonilo Jhonsin

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They have a good taste of Filipino food..Iami kaayu ang bangus ug sisig..To those filipino nga ngbudget sa money Peru gusto kumain ng masarap,Mao ni ang akong erecommend ninyo, Sinangag Station is the best! Lami na ang food affordable pa kaayu sa inyung bulsa..

John Emmanuel De Ocampo

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Pati side orders, pwedeng ulam na din, hahaha! XD Ah, at saka sakto 'to kapag pang-araw-araw na pagkain ang hanap ng mga katulad kong kailangan pang mas matutong magluto, lalo na kapag almusal. Simple pero interesting din ang mga promos nito, yo! 😀

A classic Filipino dish made from tender, dried beef strips. Served with our special tapa sauce. Paborito noon, paborito pa rin ngayon.

Sinangag Tapa

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100% Boneless bangus fried to golden-brown perfection.Di lang basta less-bone, boneless talaga!

Bangus Bravo

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Sinangag Station’s version of the Kampampangan specialty. Nakakapampabata sa sarap!

Sizzling Sisig

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Sweet and succulent meat served the Sinangag way! Choice of chicken or pork.Start the day right with some tocino delight!

Tocino Delight

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Juicy bacon strips done your way. There’s nothing sweeter than a bacon eater!

Crispy Bacon

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Our version of the classic Filipino pork adobo inspired by our founder Dong. Ang tatak ulam ng Pinoy!

Adobo ni Dong

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Corned beef served with potatoes. Ang paboritong breakfast ni kuya!

Hashed Corned Beef

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Sardines preserved in corn oil. Ang masarap na pampagana sa umaga!

Spanish Sardines

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Cured and cooked chicken sausages. Ang paborito ng mga bata!

Chicken Hotdog

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Everyone’s favorite breakfast meat served the Filipino way! Wham, bam, thank you SPAM!


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Cebu’s specialty longganisa. Sweet and garlicky to the taste!

Longganisa de Cebu

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Breaded cream dory fillet served with our signature spicy lemon butter sauce. Fish fillet, all day, every day!

Fish Fillet

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Mildly spicy sausage that will liven up your taste buds! You’ll go hungry for Hungarian!

Hungarian Sausage

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Cebu’s signature dried fish. Dili ka ma-umay sa danggit bai!

Danggit ni Bai

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Teppan-grilled tanigue belly served with lemon butter sauce. The healthy choice!

Grilled Tanigue

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Cebu’s version of the Spanish delicacy served the Sinangag way! Chorizo pang Filipino!

Garlic Chorizo

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Shredded chicken breast prepared with our signature adobo sauce. Tanggal heartache pag may adobo flakes!

Chicken Adobo Flakes

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Juicy beef burger patty grilled and topped with egg and gravy. Pa-burger ka naman diyan!

Salisbury Steak

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Grilled pork steak topped with gravy. Tender juicy sa sarap!

Pork Steak

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Salmon head sinigang served with miso paste. Misong miso mismo!

Sinigang na Ulo sa Miso

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Sinangag Station around
the Philippines.

Mabolo, Cebu.

  • 37 Juan Luna Avenue, Bgy. Mabolo
  • (032) 261 - 8899

Panagdait, Cebu.

  • Go Home Bldg, 341 F. Cabahug St.
  • (032) 511 – 0302 (032) 231 - 0706

San Mateo, Rizal.

  • 33 Gen. Luna Street
  • 0995 200 5825

Maginhawa, QC.

  • 70 Maginhawa St.
  • (02) 374 – 0357

Banilad, Cebu.

  • Gov. M. Cuenco Avenue
  • (032) 234 - 0827

Escario, Cebu.

  • Escario Bldg. N. Escario St
  • (032) 412 - 2162

Marina Mall, Mactan.

  • Blk E, Gr Flr. Mactan Marina Mall
  • (032) 340 - 2726

Talamban, Cebu.

  • J. Panis St. Talamban
  • (032) 236 - 9127

Lahug, Cebu.

  • 2 Gorordo Ave
  • (032) 268 - 2519


  • Pueblo Verde Bldg., Basak St.
  • (032) 272 - 4448

R. Landon.

  • Alfafara Bldg., Landon St.
  • (032) 238 - 8471

F. Llamas.

  • 4 F. Llamas St.
  • (032) 342 - 0945

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