sinangag station

Cebu Menu.

We only serve the best here at Sinangag Station.

Sinangag Combo Meals

Sinangag TapaP115.00

A classic Filipino dish made from tender, dried beef strips. Served with our special tapa sauce. Paborito noon, paborito pa rin ngayon.

Bangus BravoP140.00

100% Boneless bangus fried to golden-brown perfection. Di lang basta less-bone, boneless talaga!

Sizzling SisigP105.00

Sinangag Station’s version of the Kampampangan specialty. Nakakapampabata sa sarap!

Tocino DelightP95.00

Sweet and succulent meat served the Sinangag way! Choice of chicken or pork. Start the day right with some tocino delight!

Adobo ni DongP95.00

Our version of the classic Filipino pork adobo inspired by our founder Dong. Ang tatak ulam ng Pinoy!

Hashed Corned BeefP95.00

Corned beef served with potatoes. Ang paboritong breakfast ni kuya!

Crispy BaconP95.00

Juicy bacon strips done your way. There’s nothing sweeter than a bacon eater!

Spanish SardinesP90.00

Sardines preserved in corn oil. Ang masarap na pampagana sa umaga!

Chicken HotdogP75.00

Cured and cooked chicken sausages. Ang paborito ng mga bata!

Longganisa de CebuP75.00

Cebu’s specialty longganisa. Sweet and garlicky to the taste!

Fish FilletP105.00

Breaded cream dory fillet served with our signature spicy lemon butter sauce. Fish fillet, all day, everyday!

Hungarian SausageP130.00

Mildly spicy sausage that will liven up your taste buds! You’ll go hungry for Hungarian!

Danggit ni BaiP85.00

Cebu’s signature dried fish. Dili ka ma-umay sa danggit bai!

Garlic ChorizoP80.00

Cebu’s version of the Spanish delicacy served the Sinangag way! Chorizo pang Filipino!

Grilled Tanigue in LBSP145.00

Teppan-grilled tanigue belly served with lemon butter sauce. The healthy choice!

Chicken Adobo FlakesP85.00

Shredded chicken breast prepared with our signature adobo sauce. Tanggal heartache pag may adobo flakes!

Pork SteakP95.00

Grilled pork steak topped with gravy. Tender juicy sa sarap!

Salisbury SteakP90.00

A filipino delicacy. Smoked dried fish served Sinangag style. Tikman ang tinapa ni papa!


Everyone’s favorite breakfast meat served the Filipino way! Wham, bam, thank you SPAM!


Side Orders

Sinigang na Ulo sa MisoP145.00

Salmon head sinigang served with miso paste. Misong miso mismo!

Sizzling KangkongP65.00

Adobo style kangkong topped with tofu and served sizzling. Stir-fried sizzling goodness!

Pancit CantonP85.00

Stir fried egg noodles topped with pork and shrimp. Magpa-canton ka naman!

Leche FlanP30.00

Sinangag’s version of everyone’s favorite dessert. Mapapa leche ka na lang sa sarap!

Lapaz BatchoyP65.00

Sinangag’s version of the classic Ilonggo noodle soup. Batchoy di lang para sa tabatchoy!

Leche FlanP40.00

Sinangag’s version of everyone’s favorite dessert. Mapapa leche ka na lang sa sarap!

Tortang TalongP65.00

Grilled eggplant with ground meat mixed with scrambled egg. Ang talong ni manong!

Sotanghon GuisadoP85.00

Chicken sotanghon topped with shrimp and fried garlic. Guisado na swak sa panlasang Filipino!

Mango GrahamP30.00

Mango + Crushed graham = Heaven. Mango mambo!



Softdrinks (Bottle)P22.00

Hot ChocoP38.00

Orange JuiceP38.00

Calamansi JuiceP30.00

Fruit ShakeP55.00

Softdrinks (Can)P38.00

Fresh Buko Juice with MilkP25.00

Bottled WaterP22.00

Iced Tea in BottleP38.00

Shake in the CityP65.00